Westward From Des Moines

continued from yesterday

From Des Moines Jim and I journeyed uneventfully to Salt Lake City. It was all new to me and exciting to see so much of the MidWest and then the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Jim arranged for me to stay with his grandmother in Salt Lake City. Looking back we must have somehow planned this itinerary because after a few days in Salt Lake City with Jim’s family, Jim and I went on a camping trip to visit Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and Bryce. Upon our return to Salt Lake City, I boarded a train to head East to Denver. But I got off the train in Grand Junction Colorado where I was met by Bob (another Platteville classmate) and his sister-in-law and 2 little nephews. This group took me to Denver and I stayed with that family for several days before flying home to Boston. I had had a whirlwind tour of the West.

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