It’s A Beautiful Day For ………

It’s a beautiful day for a track meet………..and I am so disappointed not to be going to cheer for my grandsons. There is an outbreak of COVID here at the Care Home so in an effort to contain it everyone here is in lockdown. Grr. No visitors allowed and no expeditions to the outside world. Those who have been identified as actually having COVID have to stay in their rooms. This morning a woman came to breakfast and I said to her “er aren’t you supposed to stay in your room…..oops she said and hastily beetled away (using her walking frame). Such is life in the Memory Care unit.

One thought on “It’s A Beautiful Day For ………

  1. What a bummer! Sorry to hear you are in lockdown. My mom lives in independent living in a retirement community, and they no longer quarantine everyone when others test positive. I wish the same were true for you.


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