Searching For A Memory

There’s a memory that I have from time to time. Now I want to blog about it…….but it eludes me at present. Grr. Note to self – JOT IT DOWN.

I am nearing the conclusion of a delightful 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. A mass of flowers. Just the thing for this time of year.

It is a wild and windy day. We even lost power for a short time.

I just can’t seem to call up the memory I want so that I can write an interesting blog.

I guess my blogs have to be spontaneous.


The memory I am searching for is: the wish to do certain sea voyages: as follows: the Castle (?) line from Kenya to Southampton, the Geist Line banana boat from England to St. Lucia, any random cargo ship that took a few passengers, even just America to Europe. This was before I finally realized that such sea-going adventures would not even be on my boy friend/husband’s wish list. of these exciting adventures would be absolutely anathema to him. Interesting how one’s perceptions transition from the casual fun loving dating phase to the more formal/commitment stage, marriage, all starry eyed, gradually one realizes that there are differences, you evolve, one’s spouse evolves, hopefully in mutually acceptable ways. And in my case, with everything else that was happening I forgot about my sea going dreams. When I woke up and recalled those dreams, it was long past the time when my husband would have shared such an adventure. lLife had moved on. Such an adventure would then be on ” his I would never even consider this list.” Never mind, that’s o.k. We’ve had and are still having adventures enough., even in the “Old Folks” Home”. Long may they continue.

Photo from Judy Lystra-Brown

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