May 2

On May 2 I always think of my childhood playmates, the twins Marcia and Arthur MacDonald. One thing I especially remember about Marcia – we were riding our tricycles down the hill in front of the Pierces and the Campbells. houses. I was riding ahead of Marcia and came to a stop in front of the Campbell house. Marcia coming behind me couldn’t quite stop before she nicked the corner of my tricycle and I toppled over, resulting in a banged forehead…………Mrs Campbell carried me home – up the hill and around the corner – a distance of about 3 houses. Mrs Campbell was wearing a white dress which was soon covered with blood – my forehead was bleeding profusely. I still bear the scar 80 years later!

I have a picture of Marcia when she was a bit older and riding a bigger bicycle. Bicycles were a rare item in our youth because of World war 2. The photo below was taken after the War when Marcia was about 9 or 10.

Marcia MacDonald riding in her driveway.

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