Do You Remember The Readers Digest?

Today I came across a relatively current copy of the Reader’s Digest (Nov. 2021). Gosh, I thought, is that publication still going? Well, its dimensions are much reduced compared with the editions of the 1940’s. I think that was the last time I saw a copy of this magazine. Back then I think it was a staple in most American households – it certainly was in ours. My father would read parts of it aloud and the jokes were enjoyed by the whole family, young and old.. The condensed books and the various articles were popular with our family as well.

Well, all that was 70-80 years ago. Society has changed, tastes change, etc. It looks to me as if the Readers Digest has gone downhill. I wonder.

My cat agrees

2 thoughts on “Do You Remember The Readers Digest?

  1. The Reader’s Digest was a regular in our home too when I was young. My parents also had an enormous collection of the condensed books, which I found useful to take to boarding school. I loved the section on vocabulary. I cannot think when last I saw a copy of that magazine. Perhaps it, like many other titles, is no longer published in South Africa.


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