Please pray for the Ukrainian president

So brave. He stands with his people. A LEADER.

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His last communication with European leaders stated that it might be the very last time he talked to them. Putin has basically put a bounty on his head. Ukrainian President Zelensky doesn’t have any military training. He was a professional comedian before running for president and yet he is showing terrifying courage in the face of the assault on Kyiv. He has donned fatigues along with leading members of his cabinet and has taken up arms with those fighting the street to defend his nation. Today, he refused American offers to evacuate him, preferring to stay to fight for his nation and his people. THIS is a president. #Standwithukraine

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky

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Fluid and Flexible

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Poetry isn’t always clear.  Or all-encompassing.  It may reflect a moment, or a period, of time in anyone’s life.  Or it may be an observation, of the writer, of their perception of being witness to someone else’s experience.  I will write something (like the above) and then re-read it years later (like now) and feel something different then when I wrote it.  It still fits or applies, but for different reasons.  I like that about art.  Whether it be a written art form, painting, drawing, music… is fluid and flexible with emotions.


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