Peter’s Pondering Pipes #14

Festive days.

Peter's pondering

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Bagpipe parade of the Festival of the Celtic World of Ortigueira 2017.

A feast of bands from Galicia, Bretaña, Asturias, and California (someone thinks it is in Scotland)

1. Escola de gaitas de Ortigueira (Galicia)

2. Banda de gaitas Carballo da Manteiga de Lalín (Galicia)

3. Bagad Krevenn Brest Sant Mark (Bretaña)

4. Banda de gaitas Outeiro Rabade Begonte (Galicia)

5. Banda de gaites Vila de Xixón (Asturias)

6. Banda de gaitas Dambara de Burela (Galicia)

7. Banda de gaitas Asociación Cultural Malante de Malpica (Galicia)

8. The California and district pipe band (Escocia)

I just had to include this performance from the 2014 festival which includes a bit of We Will Rock You played on bagpipes! (at about 3:06). It’s a small part of the performance of the Bagpipe School of Ortigueira in the…

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