So Much Happening Today

Scotland beat England in a thrilling rugby mach, and Ireland beat Wales – a good start to the Rugby season which I had forgotten all about. We are rather removed from the rugby scene here in far away Seattle. I had forgotten how passionately we followed the rugby matches not so long ago. What reminded me of the rugby scene was a knitting blog friend in Edinburgh who’ was knitting a sweater for her grandson to wear to the match. (The value of blogging!)

One of our sons, James, and his wife Susan are visiting their daughter Ashley (our oldest granddaughter) at Washington State over in Pullman Washington. From Seattle, Pullman is about a 5 hour drive over the Cascades and eastward. I would love to visit also – I have yet to explore most of Washington State. Our travels so far have been in the areas between the Cascades and the Pacific Ocean.

Communication with family members on the East Coast tells me of cold temperatures and snow and sleet in Connecticut and Maine.

So I enjoyed just hunkering down and reading a book with a convoluted and rather contrived plot and numerous grammatical errors which should have been caught by the proof reader.

No news from the son in. Singapore. He is probably ls lounging in luxury by the pool!

I feel the need of a big world map that I can look at on the wall in front of me as I compose my blog posts.

A mitten to go with my previous post.

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