Harriet Tubman Jigsaw Puzzle

A short wile ago I posted about the Harriet Tubman jigsaw puzzle that was missing 8 pieces. The missing pieces have not been found. But I have some information about Harriet Tubman. Here at Ida Culver Broadview there is an Information Sheet called This Day in History. The Sheet for February 1 had the headline “Harriet Tubman becomes the first African American woman to appear on a U.S. postage stamp” To quote further – “antislavery crusader and Civil War veteran Harriet Tubman becomes the first African woman to appear on a U.S. postage stamp, the first in the Post Office’s Black Heritage Series. Tubman’s appearance on stamps was emblematic both of the progress made in recognizing African Americans’ contributions to American history and of the ongoing effort to put abolitionists on equal footing with slaveowners in the nation’s historical canon.” .

One thought on “Harriet Tubman Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. I live about 60 miles from where Harriet Tubman was born and raised. There is a beautiful museum now called the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Museum that is riveting. She was an amazing woman and saved a lot of people from slavery. 🙂


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