Hope tastes like olives, healthy in the end


Its olive picking season!! In October each year, everyone goes out with their families to pick olives from their trees. And then comes the process of preserving them till the next year. Some make it all into olive oil, and others simply pickle it.

Pickling is what we are doing this year. Now olives are very bitter if you taste them. So to get rid of that unwanted flavour from our pickles, we must first slit them with a knife. After going through them all one by one, we then soak them for about a week in an extremely salty brine , changing it every day to get rid of the bitterness that got accumulated in it.

When we get all the bitterness out of it, now comes the good part! Pickling them in the tasty mixture of lemon juice, lemon pieces, jalapeños (optional), and then sealing all the goodness…

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