Thank You Mrs Corney

Thank you Mrs. Corney. Long ago Mrs Corney gave me a Little Golden book, Prayers for Children. The inscription reads as follows:: “This book belongs to Janet Miller from Mrs. Corney, 1942”. Yes, I remember Mrs. Corney. I thought of her as a golfing friend of my mother.

One time my mother arranged for me to have lunch at Mrs Corney’s home – instead I ran all the way up the hill to my own home. 1942 – Would I have been in 2nd grade age 6 or 7?

I don’t remember Mrs Corney as being a church friend of my mother – but could she have been my Sunday school teacher? And she gave me the Little Golden Book Prayers for Children.

Now my mother must have eventually passed this sweet little book on to my sister Ruth and in turn the book went to Ruth’s daughter Leslie – and the book came to rest in Leslie’s attic. A recent big clean-out by my niece Lesley has resulted in the book being returned to me. Thank you Leslie and Thank you Mrs. Corney

Now in my advanced years I could say a prayer for these departed souls who’ were part of my younger life – my mother, Mrs Corney, and my sister Ruth