Postcard Count

As most of you know if you have been following this blog, I am a collector of postcards. Iin sorting out our belongings in our house I am finding more and more boxes of postcards. I didn’t realize I had so many and here I am buying more. The boxes I am using are 7×9 or 8×10 inches and I have some albums also. As I work in the clutter of our belongings I keep coming across more boxes of postcards. Groan. How big is my collection?? Do I dare even make an estimate?

Here are 4 cards that arrived today.

Thinking of Jobs I Have Had – And Former Colleagues

Colleagues at the U.S. Library of Congress Field Office, Nairobi Kenya, early 1990’s

I am in the process of going through old photographs and documents which I have collected over the years. In the early 1990’s we were living and working in Nairobi Kenya. I was very fortunate to make contact with the U. S, Library of Congress Field Office and to work there for several years. I learned so much and enjoyed my work environment. Pictured above are some of my colleagues at that time. You’ll note that most of my colleagues were Kenyan. The exception was my boss, the head of the office. She was American but a long term resident of Kenya. We shared many interests and she was a supportive boss/supervisor and teacher and friend.

I was going through some old files today and I found a clipping of interest here.

Bird Count Today

This morning in the garden there were numerous small birds (finches?) chirping away and flitting from branch to branch and drinking the water I put out for them. There were a lot of hummingbirds also. A squirrel was active in the neighbor’s garden and running along the fence. He/she even climbed up my neighbor’s sunflower and tried to take a nibble. but was not successful. The dark brown with some black ground feeder bird I saw last Friday was back again. And the slightly larger finch with red coloring on his chest paid a visit to my garden Handsome and colorful. There was a feeling in the air that it might rain but no moisture materialized.

Thinking of Cats

A few of my cat postcards.

Siamese Cats, 1927, Christopher Wood 1901-1930, Coloured chalks.
Penelope with the Suitors (detail), Pintoricchio (Bernardino di Betto) c. 1454-1513. Fresco
Cat and butterfly, Chinese watercolour, Victoria and Albert Museum