The Big Red Album

my first post re my Big Red Album

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I’ve been writing a lot about old postcards and trying to find cards related to the fibre arts.  Collecting stamps is a related activity to collecting postcards.  In my childhood, collecting stamps was one of my hobbies – a hobby that in time went on the back burner.  In due course I went away to college, entered the working world, went back to college etc.  As the years passed I scarcely thought about my former passion for stamp collecting.  When the family home was sold I was far away and unable to attend the final clearance of the memorabilia stored away there.  However, there were 2 items of memorabilia that I decided I really cared about – a scrapbook – mainly  of newspaper clippings, and my big red stamp album.  I was assured that one of my sisters had rescued these items and that they were stored in her…

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