A Selection Of Dog Postcards

One of the categories in my postcard collection is DOGS. Yes I collect postcards of dogs. There are so many Beautiful and handsome breeds I should narrow my collecting avarice – I have tried to narrow myself to St. Bernards – but there are so many other beautiful dogs in this world …………I just keep adding to the collection.

I don’t know what breed of dog this is but the message is nice and the dog looks strong..

May your Birthday hours be bright

is the wish I send you.

May every year bring new delight

And loving friends attend you.

It’s a British card sent from Donaghadee Northern Ireland to a male named Sam on the Newtownards Road in Belfast. My husband grew up in this area in Northern Ireland. Donaghadee is not far from the Newtownards Road.

I think the card pre-dates my husband.

Not that I approve of fox hunting but the hounds are beautiful dogs.
The postmark is Exeter Dec 23 05 (1905)