Hardly A Bird In Sight

This morning it was strange in the garden, There was hardly a bird in sight. Was it too hot that early? It was weird. Every other morning for weeks there have been numerous what I call “little tweeties”. This morning i had a fleeting sighting of a Stellar Jay and also only a very few “little tweeies” . Extreme heat is forecast. The birds KNOW.

A New Bird In The Garden

Usually I see numerous small birds tweeting and darting about in the trees in the garden. All similar. Always tweeting, calling to their friends, and just darting about and drinking from the water stations I keep refilling. Are they finches? Today I saw a slightly bigger bird and he/she was a ground feeder. It was most exciting. The only other different bird sighting I have had was the Northern Flicker and the Stellar Jay. That was a few weeks ago and it was only one day.

pictures to follow