A Perfect Storm

Did things ever go wrong today. I had trouble booking my transport so I got help from the front desk. So that was fine. Then I had a nice visit with some of the family – that was fine although I was surprised to learn that they were going away tomorrow AND then no sooner would they be back but then whoosh away again. More power to them!

I pottered away in my garden. Spoke with my new neighbor. No he’s not going to extend his house – just having some electrical work done. (We shall see what that means.)

My cat was in the driveway of my house but after a few meows she wandered off.

THEN it came time to arrange my ride back to Ida Culver. My problems escalated. I tried to book my ride but the APP on my phone didn’t want to do that, I went for assistance and my teacher had problems also. She fiddled with passwords etc ad tried this and that but no success until…….after about 15 minutes or so Bazooka she succeeded and a ride materialized.

Meanwhile I had phoned Ida Culver to tell them I was delayed. The aide for my husband wanted to know if it was all right to leave him out in the hallway while the carpet cleaners finished up. Yes I said.

A ride materialized and as I got in my phone rang again. This time it was the aide’s agency worried about my husband left out in the hallway. I assured them I was now on my way and would be there shortly.

I duly arrived – no husband in the hallway – empty apartment – dirty marks on the carpet. Well he was there actually and had taken matters into his own hands, so to speak, to get to the bathroom.

O.K. the phone then rang and it was the foot doctor’s secretary wanting to know if we were coming for our appointment. Yes I said we’re on our way, as I urged my husband to get into the wheelchair. He was pretty cross and didn’t know what was going on and thought we were leaving altogether.

I had a hard time negotiating the path for the wheelchair to get out of the apartment, but finally away we went and proceeded to get our feet attended to. We calmed down a bit and the trip back to the apartment went smoothly. All is well.