One More Postcard/Memory

This is where I think my mother and grandfather stayed when they traveled from Boston to Florida. In my growing up years in the 1940’s my grandfather and his sister spent their winters in Florida – in the Hotel Wyoming in Orlando in central Florida. My grandfather was a keen golfer as was my mother so when she accompanied him on the long drive I know they always stopped in Pinehurst for a few rounds of golf. And I would assume they stayed at The Carolina Hotel pictured here.

Of Pirates, Prizes and a Pinafort

Here is someone else tracing their ancestors lives.

A Picture and 1000 Words

Seashell pen sketch Wendy Harty February 2021

Just before he closed his eyes each night, Simeon Perkins wrote in his diary. The crusty old seaman did this for 46 years! Just like my Great Uncle Jacob Miller and his son Garrett, Simeon was a privateer, funding ships to capture the prizes during the Napoleonic War It took me an hour with a magnifying glass to decipher each of his words but the endeavor was worth it, giving me a glimpse into one week of Garrett’s life. These two entries were penned 222 years ago by Perkins, written in 1799.

June 3, 1799: Our auction of the prizes of the GMW and Schooner Fly and cargoes of the Prizes and commences the Diligence to Garrett Miller 1000 pounds. The next week on June 8th, he wrote: We have some difficulty with who bid off the prize, Brig LaLibre, on account of…

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Postcards and Memories

I think this is a postcard. Postcard or old image, it makes me think of my mother’s first trip to Europe in 1934. According to her diary of the voyage from Boston to Southampton, she was very active in organizing activities for the passengers,

Immigrant No. 5, continued

I started on this ancestor and was led down a rabbit hole. So, I start again. John Priest Sr. was one of my 8th Great Grandfathers. John Priest Sr. 1615-1704. Born in Leiden in 1615, He came to America on the Mayflower arriving in 1620. Born in 1615, he was only 5 years old for the Mayflower voyage.with his parents John Priest and Sarah Allerton. His father died in the first winter. His mother remarried.

Now I have a puzzle. Another source says that our John Priest traveled alone on the Mayflower and his wife and children were to follow later. But after his wife heard that her husband had died, she remarried and she and her new husband and children came to America on the ship ANNE in 1623, landing in Plymouth.

Conflicting records – what to do. I think I’ll move on to another immigrant where the records are clearer.

Let’s just say that John Priest my 8th Great Grandfather arrived in Plymouth in 1620 or 1623. He lived in Plymouth and later moved to Salem and finally to Lancaster in Massachusetts.

A Postcard From The Past

Rosemount Dundrum – near my home in Dundrum, Dublin Ireland – early 1900’s, hand colored?

This road lead to the village of Dundrum and on to Stepaside and to Enniskerry 7 miles distant. If I recall correctly, in the early 1900’s people came out from Dublin centre to get fresh goats milk in Dundrum


I think I will try to participate. Not that I’m short of ideas for my blog but…….


Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

Creeping out of the trees
what do you see,
a Dinosaur I hear you say
Well, how can that be?

I can’t wait to read your entries with this one, I think it could prove a challenge!

The Dinosaur – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a red metal dinosaur in amongst the trees, beside a clearing.

The regulars already know this bit, but for those that don’t:

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Birthday Times

Tomorrow is my eldest son’s birthday – April 16. He was born ages ago – 52 years. The years pass quickly. His birthplace was in Mt Carmel Hospital, Churchtown, Dublin Ireland. Happy day.

James at an early age

Our first born, James, at an early age