In Search Of Ancestors I Never Knew

One of my “desks” or “work stations”

My father came from a large family. He had 4 siblings and they lived in New York or Indiana or North Carolina or Florida. And we lived in Boston. A long way from this branch of the family, particularly during the 2nd World War.

My father’s father (my grandfather Charles Dana Mille) had 2 children from his first marriage in 1865. These children were grown up by the time my father was born and by the time I was born they were really a forgotten part of my family’s history. I have become curious about them and have spent some time recently trying to track them down.

My father’s half brother, Charles Dion Miller, lived a long life – born in 1867, his mother died shortly afterward and Charles Dion was brought up by my grandfather Charles Dana with the help of Charles Dana’s parents and one of Charles Dana’s aunts. The family members lived close by and they rallied round to help in the event of the early death of their mother.

Similarly, my father’s half sister also lived a long life. I will go into detail in my next blog.

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