Scene of Horror

In searching for more information about my ancestors,I find that one of them, a female, was burned at the stake.  She, Lady Margaret Oswald, was my  13th  Great Grandmother.  She followed the Lollard faith, which was considered heretical in the 15th century.  She was born in 1448, died on December 12th 1476 in Cambridge England.  Death at the stake was not a new form of execution.  But it was persistently used in the 15th and 16th centuries. Many many men and women suffered and were executed for their faith in this horrific manner in earlier times


Joan of Arc  (credit to Wikipedia)

Stamp Collecting


The stamp from Fiji attracted me to this postcard.  We lived in Suva Fiji for 2 years back in the 1970’s.  What a wonderful experience in so many ways.  One of our many activities   was stamp collecting.  There was an active group of people who were avid philatelists and there were books of stamps which were circulated regularly.  My latent interest in stamp collecting was reawakened.

Now so many years later I’ve turned to postcard collecting and if there are stamps involved there is a double attraction.