Day 19 – Onward from Chester to Ormskirk, Southport, Lancaster, Grange-Over-Sands

Their journey took them through relatively industrial country and the Mersey River and Ship Canal.  They stopped for gingerbread at Ormskirk.  On to Southport, a pretty aside resort with fine hotels and interesting shops, a nice bathing pool and a good amusement park.  Had a good lunch at the Prince of Wales Hotel  She had a good thrill on the chutes but the roller coaster was tame.  From there they went on to Lancaster for tea.  Onward to the Grand Hotel.  She and Lib and Mr. Lewis had very amusing and enlightening game of 18 holes of golf.  They saw a sheep which disconcerted them for several shots.

At the end of their round of golf they had whisky which tasted good after their nearly freezing by 9 o’clock on the course.  And a good cold supper at 10.  Ate gingerbread with real ginger in it.

Below is a postcard sent in 1904 from Newcastle to someone in Gateshead. These friends were probably fond of cats.



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