Day 23 – Loch Awe – Ford – Oban – Loch Feochan – Loch Awe

loch awe hotel  Loch Awe Hotel

loch awe  Loch Awe

Off in the bus again foran editing ride.  They stopped at Ford for lunch.  Weather very pleasant.  She felt lazy.  They had a rather different lunch with fluffy rice pudding with jellying Gorgonzola cheese.

Change of tempo stopping in Oban.  It was more alive after the serenity of the lochs in the Highlands.  People strolling about, sailors.  She had good fruit cake at a nice hotel for tea.

Visited Castle Dunuffinage  ??

Viewed sheep moving along a narrow path high above the black River Awe.

St. Conan’s  Church   LOCHAWE CHURCH

Church of the Campbells – she notes that Mrs. McIntyre who showed them around was darling.  (I can just hear my mother saying this)

She and Lib and Mrs. Duncan walked home – 1/4 mile.  (Home being the Loch Awe Hotel) She saw a double rainbow on the walk home.

Dinner consisted of Scotch broth, fish, haggis, duckling, ice cream.

She went for a walk later and saw motorcycles, bicycles, walkers.  The clouds were like pink lihjys in the sky at 10 o’clock.