Favorite Pets

2019_01_17_10_13_04.pdf000I’m not really picking a favorite – that would be too hard.  But the dog pictured, Grover, whom we had in Fiji certainly was memorable for many good reasons.  A fiji hound!  He was full of fun – we loved him and he loved us.

Beautiful Mollie

img_5047This beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback sat next to me at the Barking Dog Ale House here in Ballard.  But, sadly, I overheard the waiter tell Mollie’s owners that from now on dogs will not be allowed to accompany their owners in the restaurant/pub.  That is bad news,  For me that’s half the reason for going there.  Each time I have lunch there I usually see at least one or more interesting well behaved dogs.

August 1945 – James Fahey’ Diary

Pacific Paratrooper

USS Montpelier

From: The Secret Diary of an American Sailor, Seaman First ClassJames J. Fahey aboard the USS Montpelier :

2 August – All hands rose at 4:30 am because of storm warnings, the ships turned back 110 miles from Shanghai.  A typhoon is heading towards our position.  We will then travel south and patrol around until the danger passes.  The sea was full of enormous swells today.

3 August – It was very chilly on the midnight to 4 am watch.  The sea was very rough.  All hands were up for sunrise General Quarters at 4:30 am.  We were to refuel the destroyers today but could not because of the condition of the ocean.

The radio reported that 820 B-29 super forts hit Japan — 819 planes returned to their home bases.  It was the largest raid in history.  They dropped 6600 tons of bombs.

Clement Attlee…

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Home Front – Wartime recipes (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

From: The 1940’s Experiment .

We discussed rationing and we’ve discussed just how well our parents and grandparents ate – despite the rationing and time of war when all the “good” stuff was going overseas!  So …. as promised, here are some more of the wonderful recipes from the 1940’s.

Please thank Carolyn on her website for putting these delicious meals on-line!

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