The New House

Northern Lace

We moved
into our new house in September. It is
the first time I have lived in a new build, and some things have been a bit of
a learning curve! It is a
wheelchair-friendly bungalow, with a wet room as well as a bathroom.

It has triple
glazing. If you have ever lived in a
house where the curtains swung every time we had a bit of a blow, and where you
are paying 15% of your income in electricity and still feeling cold, then you
will know the joy that small sentence gives!
Here we are actually warm!

As it is a
Housing Association house, we had no time to move in gradually. Boxes were filled PDQ and my wonderful carer,
Michael, took lots over and filled the kitchen cupboards before the removal van
day. But we still had loads of bits and

The dogs
took it…

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