The Beginning – REMINISCENCES of Alfred D Guion (10) – A Colt Repeating Rifle – 1890’s

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

Alfred D Guion


        As Lincoln Avenue was the home of my childhood and boyhood, 71 Dell Avenue, Mount Vernon, was the home of my youth and early married life.  There I emerged from High School, started a business, married and began bringing up a family.

It may have been the fact that my mother had to live very economically that the value of the dollar was early impressed on my growing mind and the advantage of a savings account became important.  My mother paid me ten cents a day for cleaning ashes from the furnace and stoking it in the winter time, and once a week rolling the ash barrel from the cellar door at the back of the house to the curb in front for the ash man to collect.  I took great pride in watching my savings account grow, which enabled me eventually to…

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