Lens-Artists PC: My 2018 in photos

Manja Mexi Moving (closed)

Leya is asking us for the year 2018 in review and following my blog change I wish to reflect on my last year’s blog and choose some of my favourite moments, because what else are photos if not captured moments for (relative) eternity?

I had fun going through my previous blog to select some of the posts and photos that I’d like you to see (again), but when I got around setting up this post, I got frustrated with technicalities. I don’t like this new editor and my new theme has much fewer options than I’m used to.

I don’t even know how to change the green colour of the links that lead to posts, so believe me when I tell you, there IS a caption under every photo with the working link, it’s just that it’s darn dark green. Sounds like my doing, I like green. I just don’t…

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