When Making A Car Was Illegal

Pacific Paratrooper

The last Packard, 1942 The last Packard, 1942

This was originally published as a Guest Post for Judy Hardy at Greatest Generation Lessons.

After Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered all car manufacturers to cease the production of private automobiles and convert the factories to produce military vehicles, weaponry, airplane engines, parts, etc. But, this would not put an end to man’s love affair with the automobile. A car manual became priceless to a private owner and a truck manual was an absolute necessity for a farmer or businessman. With the rationing of gasoline in the U.S., the “National Victory Speed” was 35 mph and driving clubs were encouraged. (Our modern day car-pools).

The news spread around the world. The news spread around the world.

Automobiles were produced in massive quantities before the Great Depression and this brought the price down considerably. Then, the stock market crashed and many people were unable to afford the fuel for the cars they already…

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lowering the neck of a vintage yoke

ella gordon

Hello everyone, happy new year and all that jazz.. today I thought I would show you something I’ve started to do with some of my vintage yokes which is to lower the neck. Traditional Shetland yoke jumpers have not only a high neck but it can be quite a deep rib and its also quite often doubled over. Sometimes I really don’t mind it but other times its just too high and too tight. So rather than leaving them languishing in my collection, I have started lowering them and I do wear them much more often.

I got a yoke in the charity shop the other week and thought I would photograph some of the steps to show you what I did and show some of the others I’ve done it to as well. You can see the doubled over neck here:

As we do in Shetland cuffs are very…

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