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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: COLORFUL

First things first. Apologies to Tina and all Lens Artists fellow-bloggers for MB’s correct spelling of the word ‘colour’ in his post title. Seems that ever since you guys threw all that tea into Boston harbour (not ‘harbor’) (& the cost of which you still owe to the Brits), the spelling zone of your brains has been fried, for want of a decent cup of tea perhaps?! And MB doesn’t give a fig for the Webster’s English Dictionary. The WED is a Yankee creation, is it not? And in the opinion of MB, a mere smokescreen for the Yankee misuse of ‘or/our’ and ‘s/z’.

But enough correction of your Yankee friends MB. Get on with the Challenge….

OK, ok, guys.

MB and daughter MB2 were in Bucharest for 5 days this past week and did much exploring and unearthing and checking out ‘Dracula’ stuff and…

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