Cats and Keyboards


I’m going two for one this time!

1.  Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge, Week #49

2.  Wordless Wednesday

In 2002 I offered to help a vet tech friend who was inundated by abandoned animals by bottle-feeding three kittens. I had never in my entire life had cats (always dogs) and I had barely even been around them. Three weeks of bottle-feeding these kittens and it was all over. There was no way I could part with them. So here we have the three siblings, George, Midge and Zuzu. They did so love my computer desk making it nearly impossible to accomplish anything! And, since the keyboard itself was actually inaccessible, they took over the desk and mouse pad. And when they tired of that, they moved to the chair so I still couldn’t get anything done! 😀

Today, Midge is the only one of the original three surviving.

George is already on the…

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Nairobi National Park (1981-8)

This blog always stirs many memories of our experiences in Nairobi National Park.

A Bushsnob in Africa

In the eighties, when we [1] lived in Kenya, many people regarded the Nairobi National Park (NNP) as a large zoo next to Nairobi. I must admit that for a while I belonged to this group. I did not think that to see the Jomo Kenyatta Conference Centre (the tallest building then) from the park was a nice sight.

After a couple of years, again Paul, luckily convinced me of its value and I realized what a great privilege it was to have such a large area of wilderness a few minutes drive from our houses! So, following his advice, we bought a one-year pass to the park. The pass was stuck on our Land Rover windscreen and it enabled the car (and its occupants) to visit the NPP as many times as we wished!

It soon became one of our favourite places to visit! We also brought lots of…

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