Assassination Attempt of King José I of Portugal – 1758

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Attack on D. Jose

Sebastião Jose de Carvalho e Mello, better known after September 1770 as the Marquess of Pombal, is a controversial figure in Portugal for many reasons. He served as ambassador to London and Vienna under King João V where he was exposed to the ideas of the Enlightenment and the advancements in science at the Royal Society in England. Portugal had not had much experience in these intellectual pursuits so when Pombal was recalled to Portugal in 1749 and given the post of secretary of state for foreign affairs and war by King João, he was uniquely qualified to convey these ideas to the country. Despite having no administrative experience, his appointment was ratified on August 3, 1750 by King José who had succeeded King João. Pombal would have great influence in the government of Portugal from 1750 until 1777.

Pombal’s reputation and standing was greatly enhanced…

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