Fasting Finished

The World according to Dina

Happily, we finished our fasting more than a week ago. Many of you asked to write about our experiences. Most perplexing was how easy it was to fast for ten days. Most annoying was the endless drinking of herb teas and water and especially to drink this diluted apple cider vinegar. But our clever Dina made it just bearable by making us bite into a slice of lemon before and after drinking. As we expected, we felt increasingly lighter and happier. We became aware of our greed and understood Jean Baudrillard’s statement “we live in a world where there is more information and less meaning”.  But by far the best was how the pressure dropped by not using social media. It produced a great feeling of freedom not to have to check blogs, Instagram accounts and similar inessentials and to have lots of time to use in a meaningful and pleasant…

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