65th Reunion, Middlebury College

Time marches on. June 1958 marked my college graduation. I am working on an essay for the yearbook that will be compiled for the occasion. Below is a photo from the big day in 1958.

My Aunt Libby, Cousin Betsy, Janet the graduate, my mother, my sister-in-law Lil, June 1958

Moving on from June 1958, there were graduate studies at Northwestern University, the University of California Berkeley, and University College Dublin,, much travel, marriage for 54 years, 3 sons, 9 grandchildren. Does moving to a Retirement Home with Assisted Living in Seattle the last stop? I do not think so. I have much to look forward to – engaging with new friends as well as old, and I have 2 long term projects which are keeping me busy and engaged. My current passions are genealogy and postcard collecting. And I have an ongoing blog, Janet’s Thread, for which I try to write an entry each day. Plus I am still active in the fibre arts scene as a weaver, knitter, and crocheter.

An old postcard of Le Chateau

At my weaving loom in Bhutan – We lived there for 2 years – a rich experience in the Himalayas. It’s a bit misleading to include this photo since I no longer have the big loom and I don’t weave at that scale – but I couldn’t resist!

2 thoughts on “65th Reunion, Middlebury College

  1. Hi Janet,
    I also graduated in 1958 but high school. I also remember many years in Bangladesh with you and still have a couple of your lovely woven rugs, so thank you for the opportunity to follow your blog. I am now working on getting my 9 years of letters written to my family, who saved every one! Once I get the letters together by year on “Bangladesh Diary”, I hope to put the best into a little book for my family and friends. I got off track during the Covid years, but am glad to start again while I still have the energy and ability! Thanks!
    Gloria Kupferman


  2. I am so glad we are still in touch. I love your idea of your Bangladesh Diary. Going through old letters is another one of my Works in Progress. Just keep plugging away – I’d love to be kept informed of your progress.


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