We’re all Quackers!

Peter's pondering

I waved to the duck, but she didn’t wave back.

I said “how ya doin’?” the duck didn’t quack.

I started to leave, saying “really must go!”

and then from behind me a small voice said “Whoa!”

The duck shouted out “Please do not go,

I just have to ask, how on earth did you know?

I normally keep quiet when folk pass me by

but you were so nice I just had to reply.

I’m feeling quite lonely, the rest haven’t tarried,

I’m not very old and am quite newly married.

I was feeling quite down ‘till you came along,

Will you please join me in singing this song?”


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A Gift – In More Ways Than One

A friend who knows I collect postcards has just knocked on my door and she has kindly given me another card for my postcard collection.

As you can see, the card is addressed to a friend in Maine in 1910. I can’t make out where it was posted – Brigham? Bingham? Consulting Wikipedia I found “” Mayfield”, a small village in Central Maine in the last century, bordered to the west by Bingham.