Surprise Find at the Postcard Club

Was more than delighted to find these 3 African-type postcards at the monthly meeting of the Pacific Northwest Postcard Club meeting yesterday.

Arrival at Ranch – The picture shows Theodore Roosevelt (1st Left of Lady) arriving at Sir Alfred Pense’s ranch near Kapiti, the site of the great camp. The 2nd figure from the right is Sir Alfred Pense, Roosevelt’s first host in Africa. It was on this ranch that the first experience hunting game was had., the surrounding jungle being a fine game district.

Masai with kill

Masai Killing Cattle. The steer is roped, its feet tied together, it is then thrown to the ground. Its throat being cut with a long, sharp knife, it is then allowed to slowly bleed to death — rather a cruel method of killing. The natives first dig a troug,h to catch the blood which is highly prized by them as a drink, and is also used in connection with certain religious rites.

Lion Hunt on Athi Plains

Lion Hunt on Athi Plains – Lions abound in great numbers in the Athi District, and carefully organized hunts are of frequent occurrence. The native beaters surround a portion of the plain and then drive the lions toward the hunter. Occasionally a native is forced to engage in a close-range fight with the “King f Beasts.” and is fortunate if he escapes with his life. In this instance however the lion was killed instantly, the spear having gone through his chest and out at the side.

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