Once Upon A Time……

Once upon a time I bought a sheep. I named her Julia. The idea was that what I really wanted was her fleece. She was to join an existing herd cared for by one of my nieces. That was the idea. In theory……. I’m not sure I ever got a fleece out of this “deal” – but I got a lot of fun out of the whole procedure. My very own sheep – “Julia”


My niece and I and maybe a son or two went to a farm near Peterborough New Hampshire.. I purchased the selected sheep and brought her back to my sister and brother-in-law’s farm in Milford. Julia rode in the boot (trunk) of the car. Julia joined my niece’s existing herd of 8 or so sheep. Years passed and eventually the herd was sold (?) and I understood that Julia was given(?) to another family member who had a semi-farm in Massachusetts. I am rather vague as to Julia’s eventual fate.

Of course we were only visiting in New Hampshire at that time. We were on leave from Bangladesh.

One thought on “Once Upon A Time……

  1. I love the sheep story. I am very fond of them. They are why I became vegetarian. In Bangladesh, did you ever hear of an orphanage I think it was called Sreepur.


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