More Postcards From The Roosevelt Expedition

Hunting Big Game

Hunting Big Game. The African jungle is extremely dense. Gigantic trees grow here and the underbrush is so thick that it is difficult to penetrate it. Frequently the hunter makes his way through on elephants back., the elephant breaking trail for the porters, who follow, There is a great deal of jungle in Uganda in which Col. Roosevelt is now hunting. The foliage is in many cases is magnificent in color, and all kinds of tropical beasts and birds inhabit the dense growth, remarkable monkeys and brilliantly colored denizens of the air.

The King of the Masai Velt

The King Of The Masai Velt. Many go into Africa with cameras to take shots at animals at close range with the lens. Kermit Roosevelt is the official photographer with the Roosevelt expedition. This view is one of the most admirable specimens of a photo taken of a lion. It shows the slinking, noiseless way in which the king of beasts proceeds stealthily through the jungle.

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