The Weekly Shop

Peter's pondering

It’s a while since I took part in the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge, co-hosted by GC and SueW. You can find the rules here if you wish to have a go.

The prompt this week is Carts, and GC’s introduction mentioned shopping carts which, of course, everyone knows, are really called shopping trolleys! Thus my entry is all about me wandering around doing the weekly shop, with mind in neutral.


I dream the dreams of youthful folly

whilst pushing round my shopping trolley

My mind unfocused, wandering free

Oh, just a sec, I need some tea

What was the name of that tall lass

who cut her knee on broken glass?

Was it Sarah?Sally?Sue?

Tonight, I think I’ll make a stew

And who was that who punched my nose?

I stamped his foot and broke his toes

Ah, pasta? Should I buy this week?

I must phone Joe, we…

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