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This is in response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #263 where the given word is VERNACULAR and the word count is 90.


Very few people will be able to define this word.

Everyone may think they know what it means but

Really, when it comes to the crunch, if asked to explain,

Nearly all will fail miserably. I really believe that is true.

Anyone who waffles as I am doing, stalling for time,

Clearly neither knows, nor, if truth be told,

Understands, that it can refer both to

Language and to architecture

And talks of language spoken by ordinary people and, when

Referring to architecture, is concerned with domestic and functional buildings.

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Stories from Los Banos

Pacific Paratrooper

Jerry Sams, Los Banos taken with a hidden camera

Oddly, people were allowed to volunteer for a transfer to Los Baños, which my parents did.  On April 7, 1944, our family was among 530 internees loaded into trucks for the trip South.  At first it was much better.  There was a kindly camp commandant, Lt. Col. Kimura, with one leg, who we kids called “Peg Leg”.  We got better food and he gave candy to the children.  And we could live together as a family. But unfortunately, that didn’t last long as the cruel, evil and sadistic Lieutenant Sadaaki Konishi was installed as the Camp Supply Officer. [source: “My Life as a Child Internee”, Robert A. Wheeler]

Strangely, the rescue of the 500 Santo Tomas internees on February 3rd would not be announced on the Voice of Freedom until the end of the month, leaving the Los Baños camp completely…

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