High in the Sky

Here it is 5:20 p.m. and the sun is shining high in the sky. In fact it seems incredibly high for this time of day. Well it is almost the solstice so what do I expect? We have had so little amount of sunshine this month – I’ll take any little bit we get. What a dull Spring we have had.. No need to pack away our winter clothes!.

I have just finished reading Gone With the Wind. A reread from 60 years ago. It was wonderful. I recommend it highly. But with all this talk of Civil Rights and Integration and Busing and Discrimination and Immigration etc etc etc, our country’s history is vey short in the grand scheme of things. But the way we’re destroying the planet, there won’t be anything left for our grandchildren or great grandchildren to fuss about.

A simple image – a postcard of a woman sitting on her front steps, with a cat on her lap – early 1900’s?

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