Josiah Converse Miller Civil War Veteran Feb 7, 1840-Jan 28, 1918 Part 1

Thank you for this very personal account.

A Picture and 1000 Words

A treasured historical Civil War Pic of Josiah Miller (reprint) taken at San Antonio, Texas signed on back J.C. Miller Co I 4 WC

Josiah rolled over in his grave. Within the Capitol of the United States of America, rioters marched, waving a large Confederate flag, a symbol with the white supremacist movement and originally created when 11 states seceded from the union following the election of Abraham Lincoln. Another group of people climbed up the scaffolding to the second floor where an American flag was hung. One tore down the Stars and Stripes, threw it to the ground, inciting cheers and applause and attempted to replace it with a Trump flag. The Trump flag has a blue stripe through it which divides the nation into “us and them” and seditionists chanted, “one nation under Trump.”

Josiah had learned the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892, “I pledge allegiance to my…

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