What’s Wrong with America, Part 4

This leaves me speechless!

Wickersham's Conscience

Several readers have asked WC what he thinks is at the heart of all the problems facing America. It’s more than one thing, of course. But with this post, WC continues his semi-regular series, using mostly photographs to illustrate the problem. Here’s Part 1; here’s Part 2; here’s Part 3. This is another case where the problem is pretty obvious.

WC believes it was the late Richard Rowland who coined the phrase, “The lunatics have taken over the asylum.” Rowland, then the head of Metro Pictures Corporation, was speaking of the group of movie actors and actresses who had banded together to create United Artists Studio in 1919. Rowland’s quip may have been a call-back to Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, ”The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether,” first published 1845.

And WC thinks that’s part of what’s wrong with America. The voters have…

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