Photography in Winter in Alaska

I’ll refer my professional photographer friend.

Wickersham's Conscience

Interior Alaska during summer enjoys long hours of daylight, much of it low, “sweet” light. It’s a nature photographer’s dream. Sure, there are mosquitoes, and sometimes days of rain, but generally, conditions are ideal. Especially the light. Sunrise and sunset last for hours.

Winter is another story. It’s long – six months or more. It’s dark – as little as 3.5 hours of feeble, nearly useless light. And it’s cold. A “warm” day is when it’s above zero, even insingle digits. But it’s the absence of usable light that frustrates a nature photographer the most.

And the next three months are the worst. Even at 1:30 PM, this little fellow:

Boreal Owl

required full flash, high speed and full aperture. Because lenses are made of different kinds of materials – glass, metal plastic – they contract at different rates when they get cold. Which makes them lock up. And batteries, even lithium…

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