Am I Wasting My Time? – A Genealogy Quest

I am currently filling in my Ancestry Tree. I am trying to find more information about Keziah “Callie” Ann Wesley who lived from 1823-1899. She was the Great Grandmother of the Wife of my Paternal 1st Cousin. Is this a wild goose chase? No I don’t think so. This is what genealogy is all about – establishing remote connections in time and space and in a 4th dimension. That’s what makes it interesting – and compelling.

My father’s father (my paternal grandfather) grew up in Ohio. His first wife died young, leaving 2 young children. It is these 2 children, born in the 1860’s, that lead me a merry chase. I have tended to ignore them in growing my family tree but of late I am turning my attention to them. Most of the people in my family tree were New Englanders, but this branch went West, particularly to Colorado.

So what of Keziah or Callie Ann West? Keziah was one of the Great Grandmothers of Maud Parr. Maud Parr was the wife of Charles Dion Miller. Charles Dion Miller was the first born son of my Grandfather, Charles Dana Miller. Charles Dion was born in 1867, in Newark Ohio. Charles Dion married Maud Parr in 1892, in Chicago. Maud’s Great Grandmother was Keziah or Callie Ann West.

The 4 children of Joseph Buckingham Miller
More descendants of Charles Dana Miller (Our young family, St. Lucia, 1972)

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