Aah I mourn the loss of my mug collection. (Due to downsizing)

Something Over Tea

The mystery of these mugs from my archives is why they were photographed in the first place. I suspect that because drinking tea or coffee can be a sociable activity, I wished to share with my scattered family what I was doing at the time. I grew up using a cup and saucer for hot drinks, but soon found that mugs were a lot easier to use and so now only tend to bring out the cups for special occasions. [Note from the pandemic: what are those?].

The first mug holds my morning coffee enjoyed early in the morning in our garden. I like thin mugs and this particular one is rather special as it reminds me of my granddaughters. The giraffe is beautifully depicted – they count among my favourite animals in the wild. Almost out of the frame is a tiny block of cheese put on the tray…

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