Memory Care

Memory care – that is what they call the section of the Era Living complex where we are living now. It’s a whole new experience in the life cycle. There are 2 of us in this unit who do not have significant memory issues (yet) but have chosen to live here with our spouses who do have memory issues. Happily we are neighbors. There are about 25 residents in total who live on this floor.

Today one of the residents has moved out – her memory issues were extreme and she was disturbing all the other residents with her behavior. She was a challenge to staff and residents alike. But much as I had been looking forward to her departure, I felt a tinge of sadness today for her and her family as I saw her belongings being carried out the door. None of her disturbing behavior was her fault. She was lonely and upset. This was not how she wanted to be as she was caught in the later stages of life’s cycle. So part of me feels relieved that she is gone. But I just hope her next care facility is better able to accommodate her particular needs.

2 thoughts on “Memory Care

  1. What a kind post Janet! I know it’s been a challenge with the high needs of this particular lady. I too hope her next place can meet her needs. Bittersweet the ensuing peace for you and Ian.


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