If I Live To Be 100

If I Live to be 100 – That’s the title of a book I have just read. It was really a very interesting compilation of interviews with a series of Centenarians (100+ year olds). This book was a “New York Times Best Seller” when it was published 20 years ago. While I am not old enough to think along these lines – well, maybe I am. I remember my mother proudly saying she was going to live to be 100. This was when she was in her mid-80’s. Sadly that was not to be as the various problems of aging caught up with her when she was in her 89th year. I am not sure one has a choice – we sort of go along as best we can, having regular check-ups and having a healthy diet etc. Beyond that there is fate………….What lies in store? I wonder………

2 thoughts on “If I Live To Be 100

  1. I am ‘sort of’ aiming for ninety – it seemed to be a reasonable figure when I was in my forties. As you say, we cannot always foresee health issues waiting in the wings or what ‘fate’ has in store. Essentially I have realised that it is best to live for ‘now’ and to take pleasure in what the ‘now’ has to offer instead of wistfully looking into a future we may not wish to face after all.


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