Out of Touch

One of my sons has moved from London to Singapore. That is a part of the world that I

have read about but I am not sure exactly where it is. Failing to have a world map posted on the wall in front of me I have to resort to the big G (Google) and find my way around the world. I still like to have PAPER maps – old fashioned I know. Atlases and the Oxford English Dictionary.

I am reminded of the time years ago back in the late 1950’s when I was studying for my Master’s degree in Geography at Northwestern University. Passing a final oral exam was one of the requirements of the course. I came before the board which consisted of 3 professors who posed the questions. If memory serves me right – they were all seated and I was standing. All was going well until they asked me about the geography of Java. Java had not been part of my course where I had specialized in urban geography and geomorphology. Far flung from Java! Nevertheless, I vaguely knew where Java was (probably from my stamp collecting days and just general reading) – so I fudged through with an acceptable answer and passed the exam.

Back to Singapore – there is a 19 hour time difference between my location in Seattle and my son in Singapore so the window for phone calls is very narrow – either early in the morning or late at night.

One good thing is that I now I have a new focus for my postcard collecting. Singapore here I come – February 6th is the next meeting of my Postcard Club.

Longing to go to Singapore??

One thought on “Out of Touch

  1. One of my sons moved from South Africa to Norway – I feel the distance! Still, through their experiences I am learning a lot about a place I visited once only fleetingly 49 years ago 🙂


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