Lots Happening

It seems as if I have a lot going on but I can’t focus on any particular thing to relate to you. Nevertheless I’ll start by saying how much I am enjoying the recent good weather and the transition to Fall. Then is so much lower in the sky and the days are pleasant. We do need rain but no significant amount has fallen to date. Meanwhile I am keenly enjoying the bird life in my garden. This morning the birds were particularly abundant and active – but all the same type – little brown jobs as a friend used to say in Kenya. This morning I had an extra treat as my friend Katerina was there when I arrived.

Katerina relaxing in the grass
Katerina likes to help with jigsaw puzzles

Speakingi of jigsaw puzzles, after my annoying experience with a 500 piece puzzle I couldn’t finish – I have almost finished another 500 piece puzzle by a different artist. The unfinished Manet puzzle had too many similar pieces. The Charley Harper puzzle has been much more doable.

3 thoughts on “Lots Happening

  1. I am amazed that Katerina is on the box and not on the puzzle pieces themselves! Most cats would be on the pieces, dislodging many as they got up.


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