My History Of Stamp Collecting

My history of stamp collecting has been erratic, to say the least. I had great enthusiasm as a child. But my interest lapsed when I reached junior or senior high school age and then college and beyond. But I think my interest resumed sometime in my 30’s when I was married and had small children – and most importantly was living in Fiji in the South Pacific where there was a very active Philatelic Society. We joined the group and participated in the monthly meetings and the circulation of books of stamps to buy.

I have a very interesting response to a letter that I wrote at that time to the Philatelic Society in Norway.

After Fiji we went to Bangladesh and I had a penpal with whom I exchanged stamps

The years went by, my collecting interests lapsed – and now some 40 years on I am picking up the odds and ends and becoming a rather avid collector again. Onward!

AndI I have discovered that I have my son Andrew’s collection as well. I wonder if he wants it for his son – I doubt it.

Anyhow, here we are and I feel swamped. There is too much to collect. How do I narrow it down to manageable dimensions? I think I will sort what I have and not buy anything more.

But postcards – that’s another matter!

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