Bird Watching With Katerina

What a joy to be in my garden and have Katerina enjoying the sunshine – and the bird life – with me. She is such a lovable cat!

That was the scene for a couple days last week – the fast fading days of summer. And I got to read my book also – Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore. Haruki Murakami is not to everyone’s taste – as I found out when I chose a Murakami book for my book group in Dublin a few years ago. I thought my book group readers would appreciate this author but no – none of them liked my choice. I was disappointed. Never mind.

Anyhow I loved the latest Murakami and it was perfect to have the solitude – apart from the birds and Katerina – to enjoy the spell/magic of the book.

Katerina – not at her most watchful

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