Word Press Problem continued

The transfer of information for my 8th Grandfather Capt. Matthew Beckwith Sr didn’t work. What next?

I could copy the information manually.. I think I’ll try that.

Capt Matthew Beckwith Sr


8th Great Grandfather

Birth Sept 22, 1680 Pontefract, Yorkshire England Parents Thomas Firth Gillian Beckworth and Anne Dynley

Arrival 1635 Old Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut

Marriage 1637 Hartford Connecticut to Elizabeth Mary Lyne

Birth of daughter Elizabeth 1647 Elizabeth Beckwith 1647-1722

Death October 20,1680 in New London Connecticut when he was 70 years old. He died in an accident. A jury decided “He came to his death by mistaking his way in a dark night, and falling from a clift of rocks”

His occupation was Ship Owner and Planter

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